Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 10 Alternate Realities

Hello and welcome back to the Guide to Geekdom. Having delved deep into the Geekdom I saw the multitude of realities and their alternate copies. Seeing this vastness of universes made me want to create a Top 10 list of all the alternative realities from the original universes, and if you aren’t believing a word of this than it was because it was requested. As per usual I have some honorable mentions:
-The 10 Territories (Pendragon)
-The Multiverse (The One)
-JLA: The Age of Wonders
And without further delay, here are the Top 10 Alternate Realities
10 -Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
‘Time is an ocean in a storm…’  If you could somehow change your fate, would you? What if in the process of saving yourself, you end up losing everything you once held dear? This is the problem faced by the Prince in the final chapter of the Sands of Time trilogy. After changing his fate in order to escape the guardian of time, the Prince returns home to find his kingdom in ruins.
9 -Eureka (alternate timeline)
When you slightly tweak the past, you end up with a slightly tweaked present; at least that’s what happened to Eureka. The shifts in the timeline aren’t even that bad, in fact in most cases it is an improvement from their current lives. This actually makes us ask the question of why even go back or try to fix it? If the current reality you live in is actually better than the original, why go back at all?
8 -Old Man Logan
What would happen if the world’s super villains gathered together in a mass army and went on a full scale assault on every superhero? The world ends up as a desolate wasteland sectioned off to various super villain rulers. Wolverine, one of the greatest superheroes of all time, has become a pacifist and refuses to kill anyone. The man once known as Wolverine is now a shadow of his former self, only known as Old Man Logan. When Logan has to go on a journey to save his family, can he once again become the hero he was meant to be.
7 -Seven Days
What if you could go back in time and prevent a national disaster? A secret government agency has acquired the ability to travel backwards in time due to alien technology. They have the ability to prevent any disaster, but they can only go back seven days. Project Backstep only has enough power to send one human back seven days in order to prevent catastrophe. Time fixes paradoxes by having your previous self be replaced by your current self. Every time jump allows for a better future.
6 -Turtles Forever
This was amazing. If you have no idea what this is, look it up. This was the TV movie that celebrated 25 wonderful years of having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our lives. This story spans across multiple alternate dimensions of the turtles. This crossing of the various turtles results in one of the most satisfying films celebrating a very cherished franchise. After seeing this film, I can honestly say I hope to see a sequel around the 50 year anniversary.
5 -The Dark Knight Returns
A dystopian future of the DC universe. The divergence from the regular universe is that Batman retired after taking Jason Todd’s death too hard. The government has forced superheroes into retirement and villains run amok among the streets. A 55 year old Bruce Wayne hasn’t donned the cape and cowl in over a decade. When an old enemy returns, can Bruce become the Dark Knight again and return the world back to the way it’s supposed to be?
4 -Mirror Universe (Star Trek)
When you gaze into a mirror darkly, you may discover that your reflection is that of evil, and has a goatee. The Mirror Universe is a reality exactly like our own, if we all happened to have the disposition of evil world conquerors. While the Mirror Universe hasn’t been heavily touched upon in Star Trek storytelling, the idea of having to contend with an evil version of yourself is one that has become a staple in plot devices.
3 -Star Wars Infinities
‘A future made, event by event, link by link, a living chain of action, reaction … and change. Alter one event, and a new future comes to be.’ Star Wars Infinities reexamines each of the Original Trilogy films if they changed one event in each of their stories. It isn’t so much a new take on the characters, but rather a what could have been if the writers had decided to go in a different direction, resulting in some of the most interesting shifts to the Star Wars universe as we know it.
2 -Star Trek ‘09
A reboot with a purpose. The studios wanted to make a return to the Star Trek franchise, but all the actors have grown too old or too far apart to make another film, so of course that meant a reboot was in order. I don’t see why not either; it’s been years since the original series and nothing was being done with the franchise at the time so why not do a reboot. Except they did the most wonderful thing with this reboot, they made the entire plot be about why this reboot was happening, and even connected it with the original series in the process. What results is one of the most fascinating returns to a franchise that boldly goes where no one has gone before.
1 -Marvel 1602
‘Everything has it’s season. In Spring, the world brings forth blossoms. In cherry season, you get cherries. But a season has dawned over three hundred years early: A season of Heroes and Marvels.’
As you can probably guess from my number 2, the reason I love this story so much, is because the entire plot revolves around why this universe is taking place at all. This story starts off as just another take on some of our favorite Marvel heroes in a different timeline, but suddenly changes into a mystery as to why these things are happening 1602, instead of our time period. If you haven’t read this book, I won’t spoil its ending here, but I do strongly suggest that you go and pick it up. It is after all, my number 1 alternate reality.
Thanks for reading,
-Guide to Geekdom