Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top 10 Fictional Spiders

Welcome back to the Geekdom, I’ll be your Guide. You know what I hate….spiders, and I know for certain I’m not the only one. There is just something about those creepy little buggers that always makes my skin crawl. So what better way to celebrate Halloween then with a top 10 of the nasty crawlers. As always I have a few runner- ups

Crystal Spider (Krull)
Kumonga (Godzilla)
Shadow (Spider Riders)

And without further delay, here are my Top 10 fictional spiders.

10 - Man-Spider (Spider-Man)

What happens when Spider-Man’s mutation becomes more powerful and takes over his body? He transforms into a gigantic Man-Spider of course. The Man-Spider is usually depicted as a mindless monster. Spider-Man is rendered helpless while the beast inside goes on a vicious rampage, attacking friend or foe alike. Luckily Spidey’s allies always manage to find a cure before any permanent damage is done.

9 - Arukenimon (Digimon)

Arukenimon is one of the big bads of season two of Digimon and she probably would present a much bigger threat if it weren’t for the fact that she is regularly undermined by her bumbling sidekick Mummymon. Arukenimon utilizes various techniques to bring chaos to the digital world, such as using a mystic flute that allows her to control all other insects or using strands of her hair to create an army of dark digimon. I truly feel like this villain went underappreciated in this series.

8 - Tarantulas (Beast Wars)

Tarantulas is a creeper, plain and simple. He starts off as the devious scientist for the Predacons during the Beast Wars, but his traitorous nature tends to cause him to strike out on his own, which actually goes a lot better than you would expect. Tarantulas is a master planner who knows how to play multiple parties against each other. Unfortunately the spider side of him takes over and he has a tendency to want to eat his victims now, instead of just finishing them off.  

7 - Spider Queen of Metebelis Three (Doctor Who)

There are times when even The Doctor can make mistakes and this one cost the Third Doctor his life. Having stolen a mystical blue crystal from Metebelis Three in an earlier story, The Doctor and planet Earth now face the wrath of the powerful Spider Queen. Utilizing her immense psychic powers the Queen plans a massive invasion of Earth. The Doctor, realizing his mistake, sacrifices himself to return the crystal to where it belongs and vanquish the threat the Spider Queen poses to Earth.

6 - Miss Spider (James and the Giant Peach)

James has a very unfortunate life living with two immensely cruel aunts. Yet even James can show mercy to a tiny spider in his window…little did he realize that Spider would magically become human sized and one of his greatest friends. Miss Spider recognizes the fact that others will fear her due to the fact that she is a spider, but she will care for and fight for James because he is the only one who ever showed her kindness.

5 - Jeff (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Jeff just wants his father to love him, is that too much to ask? Yes it is, especially when his father is Billy, who has a crippling arachnophobia. To be honest, I just feel really bad for the poor guy. Jeff is an honest, friendly, hardworking guy who just wants his Dad to be proud of him. Sadly every time he goes to see his father, Billy either tries to kill him or tells him to leave his sight forever. A truly tragic story.

4 - Aragog (Harry Potter)

Hagrid is an awesome character; I think that is something most of us can agree on. That said, Hagrid’s taste in pets is shady at best. I suppose it’s to be expected of the Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts, but I really wonder, what made him think that a giant spider would be a good idea for a pet to keep at school? It just goes to show that nothing can beat the classic tale of half-giant boy and his pet spider monster…..I guess.

3 - Gohma (Legend of Zelda)

Gohma is one of the most recurring bosses in the Legend of Zelda series and for some she is the first video game bosses we ever faced in battle. The one eyed parasitic armored arachnid is usually seen infesting powerful nature spirits bringing chaos to the land of Hyrule.  This boss has returned to the series more often than other bosses which makes me wonder if Gohma is somehow tied to the battle of the Triforce like Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf are. Perhaps it’s just that Gohma has so many children it is impossible to vanquish her once and for all.

2 - Shelob (Lord of the Rings)

Born of the darkest of the great spiders, Shelob cared for no cause but her own.  Long before Sauron conquered the lands of Mordor, Shelob wove her webs in Ephel DĂșath, making the caverns of those mountains her dark lair. Feasting on any and all creatures that were unfortunate enough to cross into her lands, nothing could ever truly sate her ravenous hunger. After Sauron claimed Mordor for his own, he regarded Shelob as a pet cat who guarded part of his border, regularly sending prisoners for her to feast upon.

1 - Anansi the Spider

“This funny fellow is a rogue, a wise and loveable trickster”

Anansi is an African folkloric hero, at times taking the form of a man but is best known as a spider. A trickster spirit, Anansi is said to have brought the knowledge of stories to man among many other adventures. I find it only fitting then to place Anansi at the top of this list, for without him we wouldn’t have any of these other stories to compare him to.

I’m the Guide and Happy Halloween.