Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quick Thoughts on Dunkirk

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this movie. The film avoided large amounts of dialogue so that it could convey the majority of its story and tension through the visuals alone and the visuals are just simply wonderful. There is brilliant subtlety to every character's movements and expressions. Tension is also hiked up through the magnificent soundtrack which almost always sounds like a ticking clock which always keeps the tension on a tight edge. I absolutely loved every moment of this film and I'm really happy I got to see it.

I truly can’t recommend this film enough. Go see this movie…..Now. 10/10

Quick Thoughts on War for the Planet of the Apes

Have you ever wondered how to write the third film in a trilogy? Many writers typically like to view a trilogy as a 3 act structure. You have the introduction, the escalation, and the resolution. While this film is definitely a resolution to this trilogy I do feel it suffers what most trilogies suffer from and that is that it peaked on the second act. It’s easier to build up to a massive world ending war than it is to actually have it as a film. Don’t get me wrong, this film is amazing and you should go see it, but I do feel like it is missing a necessary oomph that the 2nd film provided.

Overall I really liked this film and it was a fantastic conclusion to this reboot series. 8/10

Quick Thoughts on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

I really wanted to like this film and there is a lot that I did enjoy however the plot was not one of them. I’d say it almost feels like the movie gets bored with its own main plot and regularly finds itself getting distracted with something else. More than once I had to re-ask myself how did we get to this point in the film. The main problem is that the main plot is an investigation mystery and as an audience member I figured out what was going on really early so the film not coming back to that plot until near the end just feels like they were avoiding the resolution to add more padding.

There are some great sci-fi concepts and very visually beautiful scenes in this film unfortunately those are bogged down by an overly long film that is bloated with too many plot threads. 6/10

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Age of Spider-Man: a Spider-Man Homecoming review

I spent a great deal of time before Spider-Man Homecoming came out declaring loudly why I was going to hate this film. Some will say that I was over the top and overly dramatic with my opinion and blew things way out of proportion and you would not be wrong. I think initial anger at a trailer will never lead you to your true opinion and I often tell people that I rewatch films multiple times solely because I know my opinions will change on a film the more times I view it.

Having watched the film now I can honestly say I’m not going to tell you it’s a bad film simply because that is untrue. You can go into a film and force yourself to hate it but that isn’t going to give you an unbiased view of it. Though I had many pre-viewing ramblings about the film and its issues I can tell you that the reasons I knew I was going to be unsatisfied with the final product are true even after watching it.

I predicted that my problems with the film were going to be that they stuck Spider-Man in High school again and that they were also making him a pseudo-sidekick to Iron Man. Very much so, these two things stick out as a problem, yet despite these plot points I will still tell you that this is a wonderful film and you should go see it. In fact in my opinion there was really only 1 terrible scene in the whole feature.

They end up recreating a scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off then show the actual scene they are copying on someone’s TV before continuing to copy the scene. I feel like you just don’t need to show your reference work in-movie and it struck me as a bad idea. (I’m getting off topic, hold on)

I think what I’m experiencing for the first time is that this is no longer my era. I had my Spider-Man growing up. He was and still is my favorite hero. He was a college student who was working multiple jobs just trying to make ends meet and not succeeding very often. As with many long lived superhero figures they go through different times and ages. The Spider-Man I read as a kid, his time has passed. Maybe Spider-Man needs to be a High schooler again; maybe he does need to be Iron Man’s apprentice. I don’t know, I’ll never tell you I understand kids these days.

Somewhere out there is a kid who is watching this film and is excited to see his version of Spider-Man up on the big screen. I can’t fault a film for not giving me my version amongst the hundreds of versions that are already out there. There are a lot of things I actually really like about this film and really enjoyed getting to see. 

I’ve had a lot of people tell me lately that I’m never satisfied or happy with films or television and I tell them that can’t be true because I love film so much. Yet I haven’t put out a review in a really long time and it was mostly because I found myself really unsatisfied with movies lately. I wasn’t finding my muse to talk about them. I think I need to really change my perspective on how I view films and go about reviewing them. (Hence the reason for a long-winded speech instead of the usual fanfare)

I probably would have previously given a poor review based on it missing what I want out of a Spider-Man film but I don’t think that is fair. Out of sheer irony I realized I was becoming J. Jonah Jameson, calling this Spider-Man a menace. This is a very good film and you should go watch it. I think it’s great that Marvel and Sony were able to make a deal to get this film green lit. I don’t think we would have gotten another solid Spider-Man out of Sony without it and I'm excited to see what becomes of the property in the future. 

I’m not sure when my next review will be but I hope that it will be a shorter timelaspe than this last one.

Thanks for reading.